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For the last thirty-five years we’ve been building custom. No plot of land is identical, and neither are the storage or functional needs of any two projects we’ve ever done. We’re in the business of selling our customers whatever they’re imagining and these intangibles can’t be found inside of a kit.

Whether you’re priority is energy savings, simplicity, or long-standing durability, by living on the cutting-edge of technological advancements in industry products and methods, we have an endless amount of tools at our disposal to satisfy your priority list. Our professionals build using the post-frame building method, conventional-stud frame method, solid-core, NuForm and everything in between. We can offer the highest quality steel, in essentially any shape, size or color you want, and our professionals have accumulated a combined total of well over a century’s experience.

Having been in the industry as long as we have, we’ve heard many stories about building companies getting the contract signed, building to specs, and moving along to the next customer. We value each individual customer before, during and after the build because we understand it’s each individual customer that in turn builds our reputation, the very foundation of our company’s success.

We are members of the Wisconsin Frame Builders Association®.